Branded Desktop PCs

If you’re after a dedicated PC for home, work or to play games on, it’s time to consider a desktop computer. MSY has a massive range of desktop computers for sale from the biggest brands, including desktop and gaming computers.


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Desktop computers from the best brands

Whether you want a tower computer to attach to a monitor or an all-in-one desktop, MSY has great desktop computer deals. We sell a range of PC desktop towers built to fit your specific space needs.

Desktop tower computer

Just add a monitor, keyboard and mouse to MSY’s range of PC towers to give your home or business a performance boost. Our desktop computers and servers are great for home or office use, from big-name brands like Dell, Lenovo, HP and MSI.

Standalone desktop PC towers

Keep an existing monitor and peripherals, then plug into a new desktop PC from MSY. Buy a budget-friendly performer for under $1,000. Or spend around $1,500 for a speedier desktop computer for everyday use.

Desktop computers to fit your space

A desktop computer should fit your home or office space requirements (and not the other way around). Save space with compact computer towers. Or choose between horizontal or vertical orientation to better suit desktop or below-desk space requirements.

Versatile desktop computers

Desktop PCs are versatile devices that are a great fit for personal, professional or gaming scenarios. MSY stocks ready-to-go all-in-one desktop PCs and gaming PCs.

All-in-one desktop computers

All-in-one desktop PCs from brands like HP, Lenovo and Dell remove the need for a computer tower. MSY’s range of all-in-one computers free up space by combining PC and monitor into a single device.

Big-brand desktop gaming PCs

MSY stocks dozens of desktop gaming PCs from brands like MSI and Thermaltake. Take the guesswork out of building a PC, then start playing sooner with gaming PCs at budget prices or with high-end specs for no-compromise performance.

MSY desktop PCs

If browsing parts is intimidating, buy a MSY desktop PC. We stock a range of desktop PC builds for gamers or those after a prebuilt computer for home or office use.

Desktop computer FAQs

We’ve got answers to some of the most popular desktop computer questions below.

Which is the best desktop for PC?

The best desktop PC is the one that meets your use-case and budget needs. Gaming desktop computers are great for games but also powerful enough to handle work and home use. All-in-one desktop PCs are ideal for saving space and everyday use.

What should you look out for when buying a desktop computer?

Ensure a desktop computer is the right fit for where you want to place it. If you’re cramped for space, consider an all-in-one desktop or even a laptop.

What’s better: an Apple iMac or desktop computer?

It really depends on what you want from a computer and the ecosystem of your other in-home devices. An Apple iMac is a great fit for an Apple home ecosystem (iPhone, iPad, etc.) and closer to an all-in-one desktop, but traditional PC desktop computers are upgradeable and offer more powerful performance.

Do desktops perform better than laptops?

It depends on the laptop and desktop specs you’re comparing. Laptops and desktops can be cheap or expensive, which determines the overall performance. That said, desktops should offer better performance for comparable configurations.

What are the disadvantages of a desktop computer?

Desktop computers can offer plenty of performance, but they can also take up plenty of space. Choose a desktop computer tower that meets your space needs or consider a mini PC or laptop if space is a premium.

Are all-in-one PCs good for gaming?

All-in-one computers prioritise compact design over performance. While all-in-one computers can play certain games, they’re primarily meant for everyday personal and business use.

What do I need to use a desktop PC?

A desktop PC from MSY comes with all of the internal hardware you need. Just add a monitor, keyboard and mouse to get going.