Are you in the market for a new or additional monitor? MSY stocks hundreds of monitors to match your computer and gaming needs.


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  •     100Hz
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  •     170Hz
  •     180Hz
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Computer monitor buying guide

With hundreds of monitors to choose from, there are so many ways to personalise the right monitor pick for you. MSY sells a huge range of monitors for business, gaming, home and/or multimedia use, with different screen sizes, resolutions and refresh rates.

Computer monitor screen size

A typical computer monitor starts at around 24 inches, but MSY has bigger and smaller options available. Choose a popular 27-inch monitor or bigger 32-inch monitor (or go even bigger); alternatively, pick a portable monitor with a 14-inch or 16-inch screen.

Computer monitor resolution

Full HD (1920x1080) resolution monitors are cheaper screens that suit almost every computer build. But owners of high-performance computers will appreciate the boosted visual fidelity of a 1440p monitor or higher-resolution 4K monitor.

Computer monitor refresh rate

Either 60Hz or 75Hz monitors are cheaper options for work and everyday computing, but gamers will appreciate the fluidity of monitors with higher refresh rates. Start with a 144Hz monitor to feel the in-game difference or future-proof frame-rate fluidity with a 240Hz monitor.

Other monitor considerations

Monitor screen size, resolution and refresh rate are key considerations, but there’s more to the modern monitor than those basics. MSY sells a range of monitor options from the biggest monitor brands with different features and panel types, as well as handy monitor accessories.

Popular monitor brands

MSY has hundreds of monitor options from the biggest and most trusted brands. Shop for a Dell monitor or monitors from AOC, Samsung, LG and plenty of other big monitor names.

Different monitor features

Flat-screen monitors are popular picks but MSY also sells immersive curved monitors and lightweight portable monitors. We also stock VESA wall-mountable monitors, monitors with speakers and webcams, as well as touchscreen and rotatable monitors.

Monitor panel types

The three main monitor panel technologies are twisted nematic (TN), vertical alignment (VA) and in-plane switching (IPS). Consider a TN monitor for speedy response time, a VA monitor for great contrast, or an IPS monitor for the best colour accuracy.

Essential monitor accessories

Most monitors will sit happily on a desk or other flat surface with an included desk stand. But when space is limited, consider a monitor arm or dual monitor stand from MSY to hold one or more monitors securely.

Monitor FAQs

MSY has to-the-point answers for the most popular monitor questions.

What is the difference between LCD and LED monitors?

LCD and LED are the two most common monitor technologies these days. The big difference is that LCD monitors use fluorescent lights behind the screen for consistent lighting, while LED monitors use tiny lights for backlighting or edge lighting.

What monitor is best for gaming?

The best monitor for gaming is one that can match the performance of the computer it’s connected to. Consider higher-resolution monitors for top-tier computers, then factor in bigger screen sizes and higher refresh rates (particularly for competitive gamers).

Apart from a monitor, what else do I need to connect to a desktop computer tower?

If you’ve bought a desktop computer tower, you need a monitor to see what your PC is doing. Additionally, you’ll also want a keyboard and mouse to control the PC, and you should also add speakers and/or headphones for sound (particularly if the monitor doesn’t have speakers).

What are the most important features of a monitor?

Picking the best monitor for your computing needs should start with resolution and screen size. Afterwards, factor in refresh rate, panel type and other features like flat, curved or portable monitors.

Can you use a TV as a computer monitor?

Most modern TVs can be used as computer monitors. OLED display technologies may potentially suffer from image burn-in if static images are left on screen for too long.

What is an HDMI 2.1 monitor?

HDMI 2.1 monitors are relatively new and benefit from facilitating resolutions up to 8K. In practical terms, an HDMI 2.1 allows PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles to run games at up to 4K resolutions and 60Hz refresh rates.