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Gaming sessions can last for many minutes or several hours, which is why comfort is paramount. Pick a gaming chair from MSY to invest in your comfort in a range of colours, supports and styles.


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Gaming chairs for all budgets

You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to support your arms, legs and back. MSY has a range of gaming chairs to meet your budget.

Cheap gaming chairs

There are dozens of gaming chair options between $200 and $400 from brands like ONEX, ThunderX3 and Brateck. Despite the cheap prices, you’ll find gaming chairs with arm rests, neck support and lumbar pillows, plus different materials and colours.

Mid-range gaming chairs

Upping your gaming-chair spend means more options, plus a greater range of colours and materials. ONEX has more premium gaming chairs in the $400 to $600 price range, and you can also find other trusted brands like Ergotron and Razer.

High-end gaming chairs

The more you spend on a gaming chair, the greater the comfort. Thermaltake and Ergotron sell quality gaming chairs at this price point, and so too is greater comfort and higher-quality materials.

Choosing the right gaming chair

There are several key comfort and aesthetic choices when it comes to finding the right gaming chair, including armrests, lumbar support, materials and colours.

Gaming chair support

The overall comfort of a gaming chair is the difference between a breezy all-day gaming session and avoidable aches and pains. Armrests are standard, but there are also neck pillows and lumbar support. Weight capacities and gaming chairs built for taller users are also important to factor in.

Gaming chair comfort

A good gaming chair offers all-day comfort. Consider the materials used for the cushioning parts. Hydraulic lift, adjustable back and armrests, and reclining angle all add to overall comfort. An adjustable gaming chair will help to keep you focused on what you’re playing and not where you’re sitting.

Gaming chair aesthetics

Like RGB lighting for PCs and peripherals, a gaming chair is an expression of your gaming personality. Go traditional with black leatherette. Pick a more traditional office-chair look to seamlessly blend work with play. Or choose a visually loud gaming chair with bright green, orange or pink.

Gaming chair FAQs

Check out MSY’s answers to the most pressing questions about gaming chairs.

Which chairs are best for gaming?

You can use an office chair, armchair, or dining-room chair in a pinch, but these tend to be lacking in at least one key area, whether support, comfort or aesthetics. A gaming chair is the best addition for a gaming PC.

Why are gaming chairs better than regular chairs?

Gaming chairs beat our regular chairs because they’re designed specifically for gamers and gaming conditions. From the look to the comfort and support, a good gaming chair is built to seamlessly (and literally) have your back while you game.

How do you choose a gaming chair?

The key considerations for choosing a gaming chair are budget, support, comfort and aesthetics. Make sure a gaming chair is built for your frame and supports your back, lumbar and, optionally, your neck. A good gaming chair lets you easily move closer or farther away from a gaming monitor.

What is special about a gaming chair?

The big difference between office chairs (also regular chairs) and gaming chairs is they tend to have a noticeably higher backrest. This is to help provide greater support over longer sessions.

Is a gaming chair good for you?

The typical gaming chair is designed to offer solid back support and encourage a straighter posture. Certain gaming chairs also offer additional support via armrests, neck pillows or braces and/or lumbar support.

How long should a gaming chair last?

It’s a good idea to check the warranty duration for a gaming chair for an idea of how long it should last. Note that build quality, usage duration, and basic maintenance can all impact the longevity of a gaming chair.