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Graphics card is a punchier name for a graphic processing unit (or GPU). Whatever you call this critical computer part, MSY has a huge range of Nvidia and AMD graphics cards in Australia to meet your computing needs.


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Graphics cards for all budgets

You can spend a little or a lot on a new GPU. The best graphics card for you is the one that matches your budget and offers the best bang for your buck.

Cheap graphics cards

Spend between $350 and $700 to buy a cheap GPU. This graphics card price range from MSY covers everyday computing, work PCs and budget gaming PCs.

Mid-tier graphics cards

From $700 to around $1400 is where you’ll find mid-tier GPUs. Graphics cards at this price range, like the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti, are great for gamers and designers. Gamers in particular will appreciate the extra frames at 1080p and the higher-fidelity options of 1440p gaming.

High-end graphics cards

From $1400 upwards is where graphics cards offer the power for high-fidelity 1440p gaming or even 4K resolutions with higher-fidelity settings and smoother frames per second (fps). GPUs like the AMD RX 6800 XT or Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 offer impressive performance for work and play.

Other GPU considerations

The GPU price range is a great place to start, but there are other graphics card considerations. MSY stocks the biggest GPU brands, alongside workstation and graphics card accessories.

Graphics card brands

When it comes to GPUs, it’s more than just AMD vs Nvidia. AMD and Nvidia graphics cards come from a range of manufacturers with different performance tweaks across GPUs. MSY stocks graphics cards from popular manufacturers like Asus, Gigabyte and ASRock.

Workstation graphics cards

For a GPU that’s more work-focused, consider a workstation graphics card. AMD and Nvidia offer workstation graphics cards that are built to improve professional workflow.

Graphics card accessories

Most scenarios mean you’ll be able to just slot in your new GPU into your motherboard, just below the CPU. Kind of like how network cables are a great accessory for network reliability, MSY has you covered for graphics card brackets, riser and extension cables, plus external graphics card enclosures.

Graphics card FAQs

Below is a list of popular graphics card questions and punchy answers from MSY.

How do I check if my graphics card is dying?

If your computer crashes and won’t reboot, you notice louder fan speeds, or you notice odd graphical issues when playing games, you might have a dying GPU. Open your PC case and check the graphics card for any physical damage. If your PC can boot, run a GPU stress test to see if the issues persist.

What do graphics cards do?

Graphics cards are responsible for displaying the results of the work of the CPU, RAM and internal storage. Dedicated GPUs unlock higher fidelity and frame rates in games as well as less waiting time for rendering images, animations and videos.

What is an external graphics card?

An external graphics card is one that operates outside of a desktop case or laptop, generally inside a dedicated enclosure. External graphics cards offer boosted performance for compatible devices.

Which is better: CPU or GPU?

Both CPU and GPU are important considerations for a PC, but the importance is determined by what you’re doing. Faster graphics cards are generally more important than CPUs for gaming, but faster CPUs are great for multitasking everyday computer work.

Are GPUs only for gaming?

Graphics cards get a lot of attention for their gaming performance, but they’re also useful for other computing tasks. For instance, graphic design, animation and video editing all benefit from faster GPUs.

Which graphics card is best for gaming?

The best graphics card is determined by the balance you’re after in frame rate, fidelity and resolution. Cheaper graphics cards can handle 1080p at 60fps on lower settings, but more expensive GPUs let you play at higher frame rates, with better fidelity settings and at higher resolutions.