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Boost the internal storage of compatible desktop computers, laptops and other devices with an internal hard disk drive (HDD) from MSY. We stock dozens of hard drives with a range of storage capacities from the most trusted brands.


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Hard drive buying guide

Before you get to the all-important storage and price components of buying a new hard drive, compatibility should be your primary consideration. MSY sells hard drives that are built to work with a variety of compatible devices.

Hard drive compatibility

Most internal hard drives are built to seamlessly plug and play with compatible computer desktops or laptops. But it’s also worth buying the right hard drive to match network-attached storage (NAS), enterprise or surveillance-storage needs.

Hard drive capacity

Start with a cheaper, lower-capacity hard drive, like a 1TB or 2TB hard drive. Alternatively, add more storage with a 4TB or 8TB hard drive, or boost the capacity even more for NAS, enterprise and surveillance hard drives with 10TB and above.

Hard drive prices

A new internal hard drive doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. At MSY, hard drive prices start at around $50 for a 1TB hard drive. Spending around the $200 mark gets you 4TB to 6TB of storage, while paying more takes those terabyte capacity numbers even higher.

Other hard drive considerations

There are other things to factor in when sourcing your next SATA internal hard drive. MSY stocks hard drives from the most popular brands in the two main form factors.

Hard drive brands

MSY sells hard drives from the biggest and most trusted brands in storage. Buy a Seagate 2TB hard drive (alongside lots of other capacities) or grab a hard drive from Western Digital or Toshiba, plus other hard drive brands.

Hard drive form factors

If space is a premium or you’re upgrading a compatible laptop, opt for a smaller 2.5-inch internal hard drive. Alternatively, choose from a wide range of 3.5-inch hard drives for computers and other compatible devices.

Hard drive speeds

Internal hard drives are a cost-effective way to upgrade the storage of computers and other compatible devices, with speeds around 5400rpm or up to 7200rpm. But if you want faster read and write speeds, consider a solid-state drive (SSD), alternatively, buy an external hard drive for portable storage.

Hard drive FAQs

MSY has straightforward answers to the most popular hard drive questions.

How do you make hard drives run efficiently?

Internal hard drives get cluttered with everyday use. Consider regularly defragmenting traditional HDDs, performing scans and cleans, and reinstalling your operating system once or twice a year to keep hard drives operating efficiently.

What does a hard drive do?

Unlike RAM which temporarily stores data in its memory, hard drives are designed for long-term storage. A hard drive acts as internal storage for a computer and is essential to everyday use.

HDD vs SSD: which drive is better?

While hard drives are typically cheaper than solid-state drives, SSDs are a newer form of technology that are faster and don’t have moving parts. SSDs also don’t need to be defragmented and benefit from better read and write speeds.

How does a hard drive work?

Traditional hard drives use a spinning platter with a thin magnetic coating to read and write data. Conversely, SSDs don’t have any moving parts, so they’re quieter and more efficient.

Why is a hard drive important?

For computers, some form of internal storage is critical to even being able to use a device. Without a hard drive, there’s nowhere to store the operating system, software and files.

What kind of hard drives are used to upgrade consoles?

Next-gen consoles like the PS5 are upgraded with specific M.2 internal drives but can also benefit from expanded storage for PS4 games with a compatible external drive. External hard drives can also expand Xbox console storage.