Apple MacBook Air

The Apple MacBook Air is the latest M1-chip laptop, available in a range of colours and different hardware configurations. Buy the latest MacBook Air from MSY for free pick-up or same-day dispatch for delivery.


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Apple MacBook Air buying guide

All of the latest Apple MacBook Air laptops have a 13-inch screen, combining lightweight mobility with powerful M1 performance. Here’s what to look for when choosing the best model MacBook Air from MSY for your computing needs.

Apple MacBook Air similarities

Whichever model Apple MacBook Air you choose to buy from MSY, there are key familiar high-performance components. For starters, there’s a powerful Apple M1 chip inside, which combines an eight-core CPU and a powerful graphics card, plus a gorgeous LED-backlit 13.3-inch IPS QHD+ Retina display.

Apple MacBook Air storage

The cheapest Apple MacBook Air comes with 256GB internal storage and a seven-core graphics card. Spend more to double capacity with a 512GB Apple MacBook Air, which also offers more graphical power from an eight-core GPU.

Apple MacBook Air colours

Outside of the two internal storage capacities, personalise your Apple MacBook Air with three colour choices from MSY. Choose from a space grey MacBook Air as well as gold or silver options.

Additional Apple MacBook considerations

With colour, storage capacity and GPU power determined, the Apple MacBook Air has more to offer. Compared to other Apple computers, the MacBook Air is a versatile laptop for any user, which can be augmented with additional Apple accessories.

Apple MacBook Air for all users

The Apple MacBook Air is built for speed, longevity and performance, no matter what you use it for. Buy an Apple MacBook Air from MSY to play games or for everyday computing, working from home (plus between the home and office), or for study at home or on campus.

Apple MacBook Air accessories

MSY sells a range of accessories to get the most out of the MacBook Air. Buy a replacement MacBook Air charger or a spare for charging in multiple locations, boost the sound with Apple AirPods, then protect your MacBook Air with a case, cover or sleeve.

Apple MacBook Air vs other Apple computers

If you want a desktop replacement, consider an Apple iMac over an Apple MacBook Air. Alternatively, for more power and a bigger screen, choose the Apple MacBook Pro instead of the Apple MacBook Air.

Apple MacBook Air FAQs

MSY has straightforward answers for the most popular MacBook Air questions.

Is it worth getting a MacBook Air?

Yes, a MacBook Air is absolutely worth buying today. Regardless of the model, the MacBook Air has fantastic performance, long battery life and a gorgeous screen.

How much does a MacBook Air cost in Australia?

There are two MacBook Air models with different prices in Australia. The 256GB MacBook Air retails for $1,499 while the 512GB model has a $1,849RRP (both options are cheaper at MSY).

Is MacBook Air good for students?

The MacBook Air is a great pick for students of all ages because it combines all-day battery life, lightweight mobility and speedy performance for a faithful study companion.

Is the MacBook Air a good laptop?

As long as you don’t need to use Windows-specific software, the MacBook Air is a great laptop. Buy a MacBook air from MSY for work, play or study.

Is Apple discontinuing the MacBook Air?

There used to be an 11-inch MacBook Air, which Apple discontinued, but the latest-model MacBook Air comes with a 13-inch screen. Check out the MacBook Pro if you want larger-screen options.