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It’s critical to buy the right Power Supply Unit (PSU) to ensure a desktop PC has enough juice to power all of its parts. MSY stocks hundreds of power supplies to meet your price, power wattage and form factor needs.


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Essential power supply considerations

There are three key considerations when shopping for the best power supply. It starts with the required wattage and form factor before price enters the equation. MSY has hundreds of power supply options to meet these PSU basics.

Power supply wattage

You want a PC power supply that has the right wattage to operate all of the internal hardware in a desktop computer case. MSY offers lower-wattage power supplies from 300W to 600W, or choose a 750W power supply (and higher) for more power-hungry PC components.

Power supply by case form factor

The size of your desktop PC case may limit your power supply options. MSY sells hundreds of ATX-compatible PSUs, plus a range of options for SFX, TFX and server PC builds.

Power supply prices

Power wattage and form factor are the primary considerations for the right power supply unit. After that, factor in the right price to meet your PC build budget. MSY has cheap PSUs for under $100, mid-range alternatives up to $300, and powerful future-proofed power supplies beyond $300.

Other important power supply considerations

With the key PSU factors out of the way, it’s also worth weighing up other power supply features. MSY sells PSUs with varying degrees of modularity and different efficiency ratings from a range of top brands.

Power supply modularity

Buy a power supply that’s fully modular, semi-modular or not modular at all. Regular non-modular PSUs have permanently attached power cables, but modular power supplies either have some removable cables (semi-modular) or all (modular) for greater control over internal case wiring.

Power supply efficiency rating

Power supply ratings determine the reliability and efficiency of a PSU, all of which are rated 80+. MSY stocks a full range of PSUs with efficiency ratings that start at an affordable 80+ Bronze and stretch up to the industry-best 80+ Titanium.

Power supply brands

Save money with a generic PSU brand or invest in more than a dozen power supply brands. MSY offers a huge range of products from popular brands, including Corsair power supplies, EVGA power supplies and Seasonic PSUs.

Uninterruptible power supply

If you want consistent power, even during a mains power outage, consider buying an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) unit. UPS devices offer consistent uptime and power protection for your critical devices in the event of a blackout.

Power supply FAQs

Below are MSY’s answers to some of the most popular power supply questions.

What efficiency rating is best for a PSU?

Most PSUs have an 80+ rating, but there’s a power supply ranking. The best efficiency rating is 80+ Titanium, followed by 80+ Platinum and 80+ Gold.

What is the best PSU?

The best power supply is the one that ticks all the right boxes for your desktop needs. Start with power requirements and form factor, then weigh up efficiency rating, modularity and price.

What is the best PSU wattage?

There are power supply calculators online to determine the exact power draw of your PC parts. Generally, though, 500W is sufficient for an everyday build but 750W (or above) is a good future-proofing choice for high-end desktop computers.

Do higher wattages draw more power?

It depends on how much power your desktop computer is drawing. For example, if you have a 650W power supply but your computer parts only draw 500W of power, the 650W PSU will only provide 500W.

Why do gaming PCs have bigger PSU requirements?

Higher-performance PC parts (including the CPU and GPU), particularly in high-end gaming PCs, draw more power, so they need a PSU with more wattage. For example, Nvidia recommends a 600W power supply for its GeForce RTX 3060 Ti but a 850W PSU for the RTX 3090 Ti.

Apart from a PSU, what else is needed to build a PC?

Pick the CPU and graphics card first, followed by RAM, internal storage, case and additional cooling. After this comes the power supply, followed by peripherals: a monitor, keyboard, mouse and sound (headphones and/or speakers).