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If you’re after a new laptop for home, work, homework or play, MSY is the best one-stop shop. Laptops are more versatile than desktop PCs, plus premium laptops can be just as powerful. MSY has the latest laptop deals, plus laptops on sale. Check out MSY’s full range of laptops below.


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  •     Apple M2
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  •     Windows 10 Home
  •     Windows 10 Pro
  •     Windows 11 Home
  •     Windows 11 Pro
Recommended use:
  •     Laptop
Screen Resolution:
  •     HD/HD+
  •     FHD
  •     QHD
  •     QHD+
  •     UHD
Nice to haves:
  •     Webcam
  •     Backlit Keyboard
  •     Thunderbolt Port
Refresh Rate:
  •     60 Hz
  •     120 Hz
  •     144 Hz
  •     240 Hz
Display Type:
  •     IPS
  •     OLED
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Laptops for every budget

A uni student in need of a notebook. A sole trader seeking a multimedia laptop. A gamer on the go keen for a top-end laptop. Whoever you are, MSY has hundreds of laptops, including the newest models and biggest brands, to meet all budgets.

Cheap laptops

Are you in the market for a cheap laptop for home or study? MSY’s budget-friendly range includes HP laptops, Lenovo laptops, Asus laptops, Acer laptops and MSI laptops.

Mid-range laptops

If you’re keen to balance budget with better performance, a mid-range laptop is likely more your speed. Expect to find more powerful laptops from the brands listed above, alongside Dell laptops for multimedia use or Razer laptops for budget-conscious gamers.

Premium laptops

At this pricepoint, invest in a fully featured work notebook, high-spec multimedia laptop or no-compromise gaming laptop. High-end HP laptops, Lenovo laptops, Asus laptops, Acer laptops, MSI laptops and Razer laptops are all represented at this price range for powerful portable computing.

Find your next best laptop

Finding the best laptop depends on your laptop needs, including whether you’re seeking a new laptop for study, work or gaming.

Student laptops

Versatility is key if you’re buying the first notebook for a primary schooler or a new laptop for a uni student. The best student laptops are a mix of reliable performance, lightweight portability and long battery life.

Work laptops

A great work laptop keeps up with you. It should have a responsive CPU, plenty of RAM for multitasking and, ideally, a speedy SSD. Also consider higher-resolution displays and/or bigger screens to make all-day work easier on the eyes.

Gaming laptops

Entry-level gaming laptops are the equivalent of the average mid-tier laptop for pricing and hardware specs. But the more you invest in a gaming laptop, the better the performance. The best gaming laptops have fast CPUs, plenty of speedy RAM, generous SSD storage and a powerful GPU to play the latest, greatest games.

Laptop FAQs

Got pressing laptop questions? MSY has answers.

Which laptop brand is best?

The best laptop brand will change based on your needs. For example, a Microsoft Surface Laptop is a Windows equivalent of an Apple Mac laptop, but you can opt for an HP laptop or Dell laptop at every price bracket.

Which laptop is best to buy this year?

The best laptop to buy this year is the one that offers the best bang-for-buck performance. There’s not a massive divide between the big laptop brands these days, so buy with confidence today or wait for a MSY laptop sale.

What are the best laptop accessories?

Laptops work out of the box, but they can be improved with some great accessories. MSY sells laptop stands, laptop bags, laptop cases, laptop backpacks, laptop sleeves and laptop cooling pads to get even more out of your new PC purchase.

What is the best gaming laptop in Australia?

MSY stocks everything from cheap older-model gaming laptops to the latest and greatest picks. Asus gaming laptops and Dell gaming laptops are two brands to start with, but MSI gaming laptops and Razer gaming laptops are also worth weighing up.