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Neotez Computer Monitor Light Bar Pro LED Desk Lamp Eye Protection Reading Light

Neotez Computer Monitor Light Bar Pro LED Desk Lamp Eye Protection Reading Light
  • LED-Desk-Lights-Neotez-Computer-Monitor-Light-Bar-Pro-LED-Desk-Lamp-Eye-Protection-Reading-Light-1
  • LED-Desk-Lights-Neotez-Computer-Monitor-Light-Bar-Pro-LED-Desk-Lamp-Eye-Protection-Reading-Light-2
  • LED-Desk-Lights-Neotez-Computer-Monitor-Light-Bar-Pro-LED-Desk-Lamp-Eye-Protection-Reading-Light-3
  • LED-Desk-Lights-Neotez-Computer-Monitor-Light-Bar-Pro-LED-Desk-Lamp-Eye-Protection-Reading-Light-4
  • LED-Desk-Lights-Neotez-Computer-Monitor-Light-Bar-Pro-LED-Desk-Lamp-Eye-Protection-Reading-Light-5
  • LED-Desk-Lights-Neotez-Computer-Monitor-Light-Bar-Pro-LED-Desk-Lamp-Eye-Protection-Reading-Light-6
  • LED-Desk-Lights-Neotez-Computer-Monitor-Light-Bar-Pro-LED-Desk-Lamp-Eye-Protection-Reading-Light-7
  • LED-Desk-Lights-Neotez-Computer-Monitor-Light-Bar-Pro-LED-Desk-Lamp-Eye-Protection-Reading-Light-8
  • LED-Desk-Lights-Neotez-Computer-Monitor-Light-Bar-Pro-LED-Desk-Lamp-Eye-Protection-Reading-Light-9
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  • Product Name:
    Neotez Computer Monitor Light Bar Pro LED Desk Lamp Eye Protection Reading Light
  • Model Number:
  • Brand:
  • Manufacturer Warranty:
    1 Year


NEOTEZ Computer Monitor Light Bar Pro


  • Unmatched Color Accuracy: Experience the true beauty of objects with a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of over 95. This light replicates colors faithfully, revealing every detail and nuance as if you were seeing them in natural sunlight.
  • Tailored Lighting for Any Environment: Adapt to different ambient lighting conditions effortlessly. With adjustable color temperature, you can customize the light to match your surroundings, creating the perfect ambiance for productivity and comfort.
  • Embrace Curved Screen Brilliance: Say goodbye to uneven lighting on curved screens. Our LED light is specifically designed to provide consistent and uniform illumination, ensuring optimal visibility and reducing eye strain, whether you're working on a curved monitor or TV.
  • Let There Be Brightness: Prepare to be dazzled by the impressive luminous flux of over 800 Lux. This light floods your workspace with ample brightness, eliminating shadows and providing a well-lit environment that enhances focus and productivity.
  • Unleash Your Creativity with RGB Lighting: Our High CRI LED Light also features RGB functionality, allowing you to infuse your workspace with vibrant and customizable colors. Create a captivating atmosphere, express your personality, and let your imagination run wild as you explore the endless possibilities of RGB lighting.


  • Dimension: 40 x 8.51 x 8.8 cm
  • Weight: 0.69 kg
  • CRI: >90
  • Color Temperature: 2700 - 6000K
  • Luminous Flux: >700 Lux
  • Temperature: 10 - 40 degrees Celsius
  • Material: Aluminium + ABS
  • Suitable For: Flat, curved, and 21:9 screen
  • Port: Type-C
  • Power: 8W , 2A , DC 5V
  • Light: 60 pieces 2835 LED + 30 pieces 5050 RGB


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