Become A Biz1 Reseller

Looking for opportunities to delve more into the IT business world? We would love to have you onboard! 

We aim to make achieving your business goals with Biz1 as seamless as possible. Here at Biz1, we are solely focused on best serving

the needs of our reseller partners. We take care to ensure that the partnership is mutually beneficial to promote growth for both parties. You will get early

updates on new product launches and we also add new products regularly!

Why Choose Us ? 

Wide Range Of Products

With a large variety of products, Biz1 has your IT interests and needs covered!  

Dispatched Within A Set Timeframe

All readily available stock at Biz1 will be dispatched out within a set timeframe to ensure you get your stock on time. 

Low Prices With Bulk Discounts

Conflicted about prices? Worry not we’ve got you covered with lower prices on bulk orders!  

Devoted Product Managers

Our expert and knowledgeable Biz1 team will be happy to assist you throughout the entire process. 

Purchase Order Quotations

We aim to provide guidance and advice on all purchase orders that best caters to your concerns and provide quotations before we proceed. 

Reseller requirements :

1. Be a registered Australian business

2. Hold an ABN (Australian Business Number) 

3. Read through our Reseller Guidelines 

Reseller Guidelines 

Please read and understand the following:

1. Maintain current business information and disclose all locations that carry Biz1 products. 

You must provide accurate and up-to-date company information. You should disclose all retail locations (i.e physical brick and mortar store(s), e-commerce enabled websites, or any temporary storefronts) that carry Biz1 products throughout the term of your reseller relationship with Biz1. 

2.  Biz1 Trademarks & Brand Policy. 

You must comply with Biz1’s Trademark & Brand Policy and represent yourself as an Authorised Reseller of Biz1 in all online advertising and sales collateral. To ensure compliance with selling Biz1 products, you must only use approved marketing materials for all Biz1 products.

3.  Biz1's Recommended Retail Price (RRP) Policy

The listed RRP price is a guideline we have set for resellers. The RRP takes into consideration different factors such as freight charges, GST, and overall profit margin on the products. Please note the RRP is only a guide and the final resell price is entirely up to you.

If you’re interested, do not hesitate to send an enquiry to us at! Our team will reach out to you in due course. 

We respect your information and privacy. Any details shared will be kept confidential.